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you are my terrorist

okay well there is one memeber in this community... pathetic for right now and i am expecting more people to join.. some of my friends want to join which is cool but im still gonna have to be a lil secretive cuz some people in my life i dont want them to kno all about my life and my problems.. for example Project Z is a person who is driving me up the walls! i dont kno how she feels about anything and Z"s making me leap through hoops just to find out something then Z"s just gonna slam me against the wall and make me hurt all over! i finally get how matt feels! its useless! no point ruining a good thing cuz someone else is trying to infiltrate my world then blow it up! your the worst kind of terrorist! you come into a perfect world and start trouble then when it gets complicated you leave! or when you dont get it you leave! you torment people! take them and twist them and make them love you then you just turn on to the next victim! terrorist! my love for owen is like the twin towers and in you come and take that down! after you leave.. am i gonna be able to rebuild the towers! what the hell... this sucks ass!
ps: bri just bitched at me for ignoring her and being stupid and that im a big back stabbing bitch but ya kno what i dont really curr like whatever i just wanted to patch shit up with her.. too bad shes such a psycho ass insane freak!
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