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hey people!

i am the moderator of this community!

first of all JOIN THIS COMMUNITY! its awesome on many levels!
1) you can get whatever you want off your chest and you wont be judged im here to make sure of that!!!
2) if you are homosexual you are more then welcome here! its all about people trying to figure out life
3) i believe that people shouldnt be labeled as gay bi or lesbians *i kno i just did but thats because some do lable!* because everyone is just being themselves and you can be whatever you want to be!
4) its good to see how many other people feel the same.. confused i mean

so ifyou are confused aboutyour sexuality, scared of prejeduce and people who are homophobes, curious... well thats what this is here for.. SO JOIN!

to be added as a member just write in a post that says:

1) Name:
2) Age:
3) Sex:
4) Sexual Orientation:
5) why you want to join:
6) A little about you:
7: if you want a picture!

alright everyone join NOW!!!!!!!!
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