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so it seems people keep joining..thats awesome!

wow its been since January since anyones *anyone being me..* lol so my message to yall... post :P

so today was beautiful.. img etting over this girl iw as hung up on  it was one of those things you dont really want to be in but cant get out of either... ya kno the ones... well yeah she screwed me over royally... i think i should vent in here... cause well i feel like it i guess and i need to get it off my chest

she doesnt go to my HS she goes to one across town but she is friends with my friend in grade 9 sarah... n sarah comes to all the parties.. so she brought this girl.. ill call her A and well i was more interested in A's guy friend at first.. cause he was .. WOW and he has his own car and can drive and is muy gorgeous! but A started talking to me a lot.. she was all over me.. and she came up and grinded me from behind and then she like started holding my hands and being all sexual and when im drunk i get really horny... so i couldnt not kiss her.. so then we went pretty far.. and i didnt think anything of it.. but she did and then i got to kno her and i liked her.. then she broke my heart and is now straight... ouch

okay there we go thats my story.... 2 days till 4 20 :D

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